Real Estate Appraisal Compliance

Appraisal Firewall offers solutions to make lenders’ compliance worries a thing of the past. We make it easy to comply with Reg B, TRID, Dodd-Frank, Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, ECOA Valuations Rule, and all other state and federal appraisal independence requirements. Take a closer look.

Available Compliance Materials for Your Protection

Compliance Checklist

What you need to prove on every appraisal to be compliant with all rules and regulations

Download Compliance Checklist


Appraisal Independence Reports

Your protection against audits - Communications Log and Appraisal Independence Report (AIR)

Download Appraisal Independence Report Material


Appraisal Firewall Best Practices Guide

Ensure you are protected by the basic principles of Appraisal Firewall usage

Download Best Practices Compliance Guide


Regulatory Compliance Guidebook

Complete detail on every appraisal independence law. Includes TRID, Dodd-Frank, Reg B, ECOA Rule, Interagency Guidelines, and more

Download Regulatory Compliance Guidebook


Compliance Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Real estate appraisal compliance is complicated. We are sure you’d rather be doing other things, such as originating and closing more loans, than dealing with appraisal compliance. Let us handle it for you: we’ve been thought leaders in the compliance arena since 2007. We have watched the rules and regulations develop and change over the years. We know what works. We keep our clients safe. Don’t risk your compliance with another vendor. Use the trusted Appraisal Firewall technology and prove you comply with every rule and regulation on every appraisal you order.