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Verified Site Condition Data for Faster Lending Decisions

Get Current, Comprehensive Property Details on No-Appraisal Loans

The Verisite Photo Report allows banks and credit unions to get site condition reports and data, such as interior and exterior site photos with descriptions, maps, and comparable sales, instantly. It is intended for use on loans and sub-loan products that do not require full appraisals.

Most importantly, Verisite allows lenders to pick and choose which pictures and descriptions they want, order them, then approve and generate the Verisite Photo Report that meets processing and underwriting needs. The result? An instant, current, comprehensive inspection of the property.

Combined with our Verisite app for smart phones that you can deliver to your borrower, appraiser, inspector, loan assistant, realtor, etc., you can instantly get all the property data you need to make faster lending decisions. Click Here and fill out the form and request a quick demonstration.

The Verisite Photo Report is perfect for loans that don't require full appraisals, including...

  • Equity Lending

  • Disaster Relief Evaluation

  • Construction Loan Updates

  • Portfolioed Loans and Portfolio Reviews

  • Foreclosures and Bank-Owned Properties

  • PMI Removal

  • Rural purchases valued at $400,000 or less

  • Where else would you use it?

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Get Your Report Super-Fast

View the Entire Datasheet
Create your own orders: select kitchen, dining room, bathroom, master bedroom photos and details, or whatever aspects of the site you want.

Send orders from Appraisal Firewall to anyone with a mobile phone.

Order requests are sent by text to the mobile number and email address you enter on the order.

User quickly installs Verisite app for iPhone or Android operating systems.

Once in the app, users cannot upload any pictures except for the pictures taken while in the app.

Default geolocation functionality in mobile phones verifies photos are of the site you want.

No cell coverage? No problem. All Verisite app users attest that they are at the property you want.

Once completed, Verisite app user sends you photos and descriptions for review in Appraisal Firewall.

Approve or edit the order to send back to the user for more information.

Once approved, decide which photos and descriptions are best, and assemble your report.

Generate a PDF report with your selected pictures and descriptions that includes a map of subject property, plus pinpoints of where photos were taken at the property.