The Appraisal Scorecard by Appraisal Firewall

Automated appraisal reviews. Instant, reliable appraisal risk management.

Appraisal Firewall offers a new breed of automated appraisal reviews: the Appraisal Scorecard. In this world of web-based, lightning-fast communication, the Scorecard takes what all auto-review tools do today, and extends it to be a multi-audience communication tool that lets reviewers, lenders and appraisers collaborate in real-time.

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  • Interactive collaboration between lender, reviewer and appraiser reduces review times from days to hours or less.
  • Takes complicated data and scores it into five categories, delivering more accuracy to your current review process.
  • Filters which files should be sent for manual review and which should not, decreasing cost and increasing efficiency.
  • In-depth analysis and reporting on completeness, subject property data, comparable sales, regulatory, mortgage insurer, and investor requirements catches more files before underwriting does.
  • In-depth, customizable reporting on potential valuation bias.