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Mortgage Lenders

Efficient appraisal ordering

Appraisal Firewall offers mortgage lenders fast, highly intelligent appraisal ordering features that are proven to help lenders reduce loan processing time

  • Residential, commercial, FHA, USDA appraisal ordering

  • Automated, highly-intelligent order assignment ensures you get the most qualified appraiser based on subject property and appraisal product every time

  • Work directly with your known and trusted appraisers once they accept the order

  • Fully integrated with the LOS you need to create a seamless ordering process. We offer the most complete appraisal interface available in the Encompass LOS. Read more about it.

Appraisal lists and
order management

Manage order lists at a glance, and customize how you want to view your order list data

  • Quickly find the order you need right now with filters, widget tools to organize your order lists, and advanced searching

  • Designate the information you want to see in your order list

  • Export all or only selected orders to a spreadsheet

  • Customize order data in columns for information at a glance

  • Customized columns are stored for future use each time you login

Appraisal Lists
Communication features

Communication features

At the heart of Appraisal Firewall is an all-encompassing communication system that keeps all parties aware of every appraisal order’s progression toward completion.

  • Know the status of every order with instant messaging capabilities

  • Messaging features between lender and appraiser, with double-blind messaging the default on all lender-to-appraiser messages for your protection

  • Automated system messages texted or emailed to users lets you know what’s happening with each order as they progress toward completion

  • Connect with customer service in the application with all questions

Effective team and user management features

get complete organizational oversight with Appraisal Firewall

  • Create administrators to easily oversee large-scale work: appraiser panel management, AMC management, branch management, user management, and more

  • Setup individual users and easily manage individuals and user groups

  • Configure users to administer work for other users, providing a global view of users and orders

  • Manage multiple offices and branches from one place

  • Upload investors’ exclusionary and/or inclusionary lists to manage which appraisers on your panel match or do not match your investor lists

Effective User Management
Activity Tracking

Activity tracking and management

Management reporting features ensure you know what’s happening with your orders, users, appraisers, and costs all the time

  • Pre-configured reports give you a baseline of data to track all user activity in the system

  • Create custom reports, and include whichever data points you prefer to bolster knowledge of system activity

  • The availability of any and all data components let you identify and anticipate order trends and appraisal costs

Pricing and cost management features

  • Work directly with your appraisers to ensure customary and reasonable fees are in place: happy appraisers equal better appraisals

  • Accept your appraisers’ pricing, or enter your own appraisal pricing

  • Setup your pricing based on service area: state, county, zip code

  • Allow pricing negotiations between you and your appraisers, or fix prices

Pricing and cost
Quality Control Features

Quality control features

Quality control features to protect your lending business and manage appraisal risk

  • Comprehensive appraisal risk management

  • Multi-layered features reduce cost, go beyond what’s in the appraisal report

  • Automated QC workflow streamlines appraisal delivery and completion

  • Enable all QC features, or pick and choose based on your needs

  • Product offerings: Appraisal Scorecard auto-review, Appraisal Report Comparison Tool, manual review, completeness check, UAD check, plus CU and LCA risk scores

Regulatory compliance features

  • Double-blind, automatic order assignment to appraisers

  • Commissioned staff does not know which appraiser receives order

  • Communications log feature tracks every message back and forth from lender to appraiser, plus all system activities, on every order

  • Compliance documents are stored to compile and include in your loan package for added regulatory protection

  • Fully automated Reg B compliance – you don’t even have to lift a finger to know you’re compliant

Compliance features