Appraisal Firewall is still the only non-AMC real estate appraisal technology solution that connects lenders and real estate appraisers. We support independent appraisers, and we always have.

• You work directly with your clients - you receive orders directly from them.
• You receive messages directly from them.
• You get paid by them.

Appraisal Firewall does not get between you and your clients. More lenders these days want to work directly with their appraisers again. Appraisal Firewall helps appraisers get their client relationships back, and most of all strengthens existing client-appraiser relationships. We can help you too!

What appraisers are saying:
"My appraisal business is spread across many different platforms. Appraisal Firewall is one of the easiest systems to use. When my clients come to me with questions about appraisal regulations, I encourage them to use Appraisal Firewall so that I can work faster and keep my client relationships intact because Appraisal Firewall is not an AMC." - Randy Berg, Owner and Certified Appraiser at Berg Appraisal Services

Appraisal Firewall does not get between you and your clients. When your clients sign up, you are automatically added to their panel. Your clients create panels of appraisers that they know, like and trust. Orders and messages are routed to you from your clients – not from a third party.
What are customary and reasonable fees? It’s simple. They are fees set by independent appraisers. In Appraisal Firewall, you can set your own fees, and work directly with your clients on all fee negotiations.
Your clients manage their own appraisal process, just like they used to. Appraisal Firewall lets your clients create panels of appraisers that they know, like and trust – appraisers like you. As one of the appraisers in your client’s panel, you keep working with your same clients and can avoid AMCs. This will sustain your existing client relationships. If you have lost mortgage business due to regulations, reach out and talk to them about Appraisal Firewall, and regain those lost clients!
Appraisal Firewall lets you set your fees. You can work directly with your clients on any fee negotiations, you can request fee increases as each job changes, and you can accept appraisal orders on the condition that your client increases the price or changes the due date. Appraisal Firewall is the only appraisal solution that truly supports appraiser independence.
Appraisal regulations like Dodd-Frank and the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines force your clients to make tough choices as to whether or not they can keep working with you and comply. But they don’t have to choose – they can keep working directly with you! Appraisal Firewall ensures that your clients can keep working directly with you and comply with all federal and state regulations and requirements. Ask us how.