Today: Verisite Mobile Appraisal Solutions by Appraisal Firewall

  • 2 years of tried and true mobile appraisals and property inspections combined with 30 years of the industry’s most reliable technology.
  • Verisite guarantees that the pictures in the appraisal are genuine photos and not “pictures of a picture” from the phone’s camera roll.
  • Verisite verifies with geo-location that the pictures are at the subject property location – within 2 feet of the camera.
  • Verisite has completed thousands of interior property inspections and mobile appraisals.

Tomorrow: The next generation of Verisite is just around the corner.

  • Validation of room depth to protect against "picture of a picture" fraud.
  • Virtual-reality graphic mapping overlay produces accurate results.
  • Automatic wall, floor, ceiling identification for a faster deliverable.
  • Point-and-shoot automatic measurements for a more complete report.