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"With Appraisal Firewall it is very easy to keep track of appraisals waiting to come in, and ones in a post-delivery QC status. It's also very easy to communicate with our own Appraisers. Scorecard review product is a huge plus. Also, employees are very friendly, knowledgeable and professional."

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"The system itself is easy to use and customized to fit our users' needs. The flexibility we have to create improvements to the system to improve the service to our borrowers is another main reason we have continued our relationship. Last but most importantly: whenever we have a question to get answered or a problem to resolve we can always count on customer service to address the issue in a timely manner."

"I like the ease of use with all of the features. Most information including important information, only takes a couple of clicks to access. It is simple to keep track of all of our appraisal orders as well."

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