The Appraisal Report Comparison Tool by Appraisal Firewall

Enhanced Quality Control for Real Estate Appraisals

The Appraisal Report Comparison tool compares the original PDF appraisal report with any subsequently-delivered PDF appraisal reports delivered on the same loan file that may be a result of revision requests or comparable disputes.

  • Saves you hours of review time
  • Eliminates the manual work of identifying differences between original and subsequent appraisal report deliveries
  • Automatically tracks, compares, and displays report differences
  • Ensures nothing is unexpected in the final appraisal report
  • Takes about 5 seconds to run
  • Can be used by lenders, reviewers, AMCs, appraisers, underwriters, etc.
  • Provides fast, easy protection for lenders
  • Enhances your QC process

Want to try it out? All you need is 2 copies of a PDF appraisal report on the same property. Click the Request a Demo button below and send us some information about you to get started with the Appraisal Report Comparison.