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"We are excited to be working with the Appraisal Institute to bring appraisers the most complete, secure and fraud-proof home inspection offering on the market as we believe it will help to keep both appraisers and homeowners safe and secure during this pandemic."  - David Chiappe, President, SharperLending LLC - the company behind Verisite and Appraisal Firewall.

With the Appraisal Institute, we are offering a FREE Verisite trial through June 30, 2020.  After June 30th, Appraisal Institute Professionals get a 25% discount. 

With the new appraisal flexibilities announced by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Desktop and Drive-by appraisals are becoming more prevalent during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Verisite mobile property inspection & appraisal solutions promote social distancing, so appraisers and homeowners stay safe.  The Verisite mobile app allows homeowners to take interior property photos themselves, then transfer photos and descriptions to you.

Verisite is ideal for both Residential and Commercial appraisals.

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At A Glance

  • Verisite is a mobile app that a homeowner installs on their mobile device to gather interior and exterior property data.

  • Verisite walks the homeowner easily through taking the required pictures and providing descriptions.  Homeowners can answer any questions you need answered.

  • Once all data is gathered, Verisite securely sends it back to you for review.

  • The information is formatted within the Verisite Photo Report deliverable in HTML or PDF format.

  • You can download all pictures and descriptions.

  • The report includes photos, descriptions, maps of the subject property, and pinpoints where all photos were taken.

Fraud Prevention

  • Mobile apps like Verisite are the only solution for true mobile appraisal fraud prevention

  • Verisite separates the photos taken on the smart phone from the pictures taken within the app.

  • All pictures taken in the Verisite app will have the benefit of geo-location and 3D room validation features so no pictures can be manipulated.

  • Verisite verifies that all photos are taken at the subject property with default geo-location functionality.

  • Verisite pinpoints the location of all pictures taken on a map of the property.

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