About Appraisal Firewall.

Our Mission

To always provide superior mortgage technology to the financial services industry

Appraisal Firewall is the story of a software company dedicated to providing relationship-based services to the mortgage industry for more than 25 years.
From our company’s inception in 1989, our focus has been to promote relationships between service providers and financial institutions.

Appraisal Firewall was developed in direct response to HVCC so that lenders could still work with their local appraisers without going through a management company. The Dodd-Frank Act replaced HVCC and Appraisal Firewall has continued to help lenders of all sizes cope with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Today, millions of appraisals go through Appraisal Firewall in a safe, compliant environment that encourages local relationships. We will continue to develop the technology to further enhance everyone’s lending experience while minimizing the challenges posed by the changing regulatory environment. For more information about SharperLending LLC, the company behind Appraisal Firewall, please check us out here.

History of Appraisal Firewall

Appraisal Firewall was created in 2006 as platform for lenders to manage their appraisal process

  • 2006

    Appraisal management software concept breaks out of bundled services platform. Appraisal Firewall is born.

  • 2008

    Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) severs relationship between commissioned lender employees and appraisers.

  • 2010

    Dodd-Frank Act sunsets HVCC. Appraisal Firewall grows 110%.

  • 2017

    Appraisal Firewall continually grows between 28%-50% year after year, and averages over 20,000 completed appraisals per month in 2017

  • 2018

    Appraisal Firewall invents and releases Verisite, the first-of-its-kind mobile appraisal and property inspection software


David Chiappe

David Chiappe is the President of SharperLending and its sister companies, including Appraisal Firewall. David is responsible for the day to day operations of the company as well as the long term objectives and resource planning.

David originally came to ShaperLending as our Director of Business Development and as part of our national expansion effort. He leverages his diverse background and Juris Doctorate to help make SharperLending's continual expansion a success.

Matt Brannon
Director of Operations

Matt Brannon has been with SharperLending in excess of 20 years, helping develop and drive strategic business goals for the company’s origination products. Matt’s background is in communication, and he believes that clarity of information between departments is key moving complex financial technology forward. Matt has extensive knowledge of all the company’s origination products, including appraisal software, mortgage credit reporting platforms, income verification solutions, risk management, and other settlement services solutions that the company offers.

Matt enjoys time with his wife and two daughters, fishing, writing, anything outdoors, and listening to his dad’s Vietnam war stories.


Brock Rogers
Director of Development

Brock Rogers has been at SharperLending for over 10 years and plays a key role in moving all technology and application development initiatives forward. As the Director of Development, Brock plans, coordinates, and supervises all activities and teams related to the design, development, and implementation of Appraisal Firewall’s technology plus all other origination technology products.

Brock has been designing and developing software applications for over 20 years, enjoys time with his wife and son, loves to golf, and is an ardent Washington State Cougars supporter.

Tiffany Saraceno
Sales Manager

Tiffany Saraceno joined the Appraisal Firewall team after 7 years in title and escrow sales. In 2011, she made a career switch to mortgage software. Her ability to build lasting relationships, understand where the appraisal industry is headed, plus her expansive knowledge of technology has been an asset to the SharperLending and Appraisal Firewall brands. She integrates product enhancement requests from customers with a well rounded view of appraisal needs to make sure system functionality continues to be all it should be.

In her spare time (she will say "what spare time?") Tiffany has 2 children. She and her husband own a family-run business. They have built or remodeled a home every couple years for the past 11 years. She loves to garden, and has an orchard at her home where she loves to dote on fruits, veggies, kids, and on her 4 rescued dogs.


Danielle Walker
Product Manager

Despite her apparent youth, Danielle boasts a 10+ year tenure with SharperLending, starting with the company in 2006, and was present for the inception of Appraisal Firewall. Because she basically grew up within the walls of SharperLending, she has a breadth and depth of knowledge of its systems. She has worked on every product under the company at one point or another and now focuses her time on managing the development and growth of Appraisal Firewall, or as she so lovingly refers to it, her “baby.” She takes the helm in leading the company in bold, unexplored directions with product development, system integrations and really cool feature enhancements. She keeps projects in-line and on time for release into the mainstream market, all while wrangling tangent-seeking developers and using acronyms like API and SQL.

If you can ever get her away from her desk, Danielle enjoys traveling to faraway lands, binging Netflix shows and telling bad jokes in her spare time. She also loves food, whether it's eating food, cooking food or even just talking about food.

Laura Henderson Burger
Customer Service Manager

After a decade of collecting a variety of multitasking and people organizing skills, first as a personal assistant and then as a cardiac scheduler, Laura jumped at the opportunity to join the Appraisal Firewall team in 2013. Not only did this speak to her passion for problem solving, but also her desire to not need to know CPR for a living. In 2016 Laura became the Customer Service Supervisor. She loves working with the team to provide the best possible service to our clients as well as constantly collaborating to enhance Appraisal Firewall.

Outside of the office, Laura likes to spend time with her husband Nick and their two cats Señor and Winry. They enjoy traveling, spending time at the family cabin and going to concerts & movies.