With our VA appraisal solutions, Appraisal Firewall delivers lenders the most complete, enterprise-level VA appraisal solution available today. Our connection to the VA portal provides secure ordering of VA appraisals, status updates, and completed report delivery without ever leaving Appraisal Firewall.

Plus, we accept VA orders from your LOS and deliver completed appraisal reports back to your LOS.

Place all your VA loan appraisals in one location, and do more with Appraisal Firewall.



  • Place VA appraisal orders from within Appraisal Firewall

  • Available within the top LOS’s

  • Manage all your loan appraisals including VA in one platform

  • One-click retrieval of orders, updates and messages from the VA portal

  • Automatic email notifications for all progress updates and messages

  • Communicate directly with the appraiser and receive email notifications from appraiser responses

  • Pay for the appraisal via Credit Card

  • Avoid going to the VA portal for COE verification, order placement, and report retrieval

  • Skip the cumbersome re-keying of information at the VA portal


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